Cranberry Buttercream Frosting

Cranberry Buttercream Frosting is a delightful concoction that embodies the essence of the holiday season in a sweet, tangy, and velvety topping. This unique twist on classic buttercream introduces a burst of festive flavor that transforms ordinary treats into seasonal delights, elevating them to a whole new level.

At its core, this frosting encapsulates the essence of cranberries, infusing a traditional buttercream base with the vibrant tartness and rich color of these beloved berries. The combination results in a delicate balance of sweetness from the buttercream and a tangy zing from the cranberries, creating a harmonious marriage of flavors that dance on the taste buds.

The allure of Cranberry Buttercream Frosting lies not only in its taste but also in its versatility. Whether adorning a fluffy cake, topping tender cupcakes, or filling sandwich cookies, this frosting brings a touch of elegance and festivity to any dessert spread. Its luscious texture and vibrant hue make it a visual treat, enhancing the presentation of baked goods with a pop of seasonal color.

Cranberry Buttercream Frosting serves not only as a topping but as a culinary tribute to the festive season, embodying the spirit of togetherness and joy that defines this special time of year. Its vibrant flavor and enchanting appeal make it an essential addition to holiday baking, inviting everyone to indulge in a taste of seasonal delight.


– 1 cup butter, softened at room temperature
– 3 cups powdered or confectioners’ sugar
– 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons homemade cranberry syrup


1. In a stand mixer or using a hand mixer, beat the softened butter for about 1 minute until it becomes smooth and creamy.
2. Gently incorporate the cranberry syrup into the butter mixture.
3. Gradually add the powdered sugar, about 1/4 cup at a time, ensuring it’s fully incorporated after each addition.
4. Continue to mix the frosting for approximately 4-5 minutes or until it reaches a light and fluffy consistency.

Enjoy spreading this delightful Cranberry Buttercream Frosting on cakes, cupcakes, or cookies for a taste of seasonal delight!

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