Chicken and Bacon Fried Rice

Chicken and Bacon Fried Rice: A Flavorful and Satisfying Dish


  • The appeal of fried rice as a versatile and delicious dish
  • The combination of chicken and bacon for a savory twist
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Protein Choices

  • Chicken breast or thigh meat, diced
  • Bacon strips, chopped into small pieces

Rice and Vegetables

  • Cooked rice (preferably day-old)
  • Mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, corn, etc.)
  • Onion and garlic, minced

Flavorful Additions

  • Soy sauce or tamari
  • Sesame oil
  • Eggs, beaten
  • Green onions, sliced

Cooking Process

Preparing the Ingredients

  • Cooking the rice in advance and allowing it to cool
  • Dicing the chicken and chopping the bacon
  • Mincing the onion, and garlic, and slicing the green onions

Cooking the Chicken and Bacon

  • Heat a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat
  • Cook the bacon until crispy and set it aside
  • In the same pan, cook the chicken until it’s browned and cooked through

Adding Vegetables and Aromatics

  • Push the chicken to one side of the pan and add the minced onion and garlic
  • Stir-fry until fragrant and lightly browned
  • Add the mixed vegetables and cook until they’re tender-crisp

Incorporating Rice and Flavors

  • Break up any clumps in the cooked rice and add it to the pan
  • Drizzle soy sauce or tamari and sesame oil over the rice
  • Stir-fry to combine all the ingredients evenly

Scrambling the Eggs

  • Push the rice mixture to one side of the pan and add the beaten eggs
  • Scramble the eggs until they’re cooked through
  • Incorporate the scrambled eggs into the rice mixture

Finishing Touches

  • Add the cooked bacon back into the pan
  • Sprinkle sliced green onions over the fried rice
  • Toss everything together to combine and heat through

Serving and Customization

Garnishing and Presentation

  • Transfer the chicken and bacon fried rice to a serving dish
  • Garnish with additional sliced green onions or sesame seeds
  • Serve the fried rice hot and fresh

Customization Options

  • Add additional vegetables like bell peppers or broccoli for more variety
  • Adjust the seasoning by adding more soy sauce or tamari according to the taste
  • Incorporate other seasonings like chili flakes or ginger for an extra kick

Tips for Success

Cook the Rice in Advance

  • Using day-old rice ensures a drier texture and prevents the fried rice from becoming mushy
  • If using freshly cooked rice, spread it out on a baking sheet and refrigerate for a few hours before using

Use High Heat and Work Quickly

  • Cooking the ingredients over high heat helps to achieve a nicely seared texture and prevents the rice from becoming soggy
  • Work quickly and have all the ingredients prepared and within reach before starting the cooking process

Don’t Overcook the Vegetables

  • To retain vibrant color and maintain a slight crunch, cook the mixed vegetables until they’re just tender-crisp
  • Overcooked vegetables can become mushy and lose their visual appeal


In conclusion, chicken and bacon fried rice is a satisfying and flavorful dish that combines the richness of chicken and the smokiness of bacon with the versatility of fried rice. By following this recipe, you can create a delicious meal that is sure to please your taste buds. The tender chicken, crispy bacon, and aromatic vegetables, all mixed with perfectly seasoned rice, create a harmony of flavors that will leave you craving for more. Feel free to customize the dish by adding your favorite vegetables or adjusting the seasoning to suit your preferences. Serve it hot and enjoy a comforting and hearty meal that will surely become a family favorite.



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