Banana Santa Skewers

Banana Santa Skewers are a whimsical and delightful treat that brings together the sweetness of ripe bananas with the festive cheer of the holiday season. This creative and playful snack infuses the joy of Christmas into every bite, transforming simple bananas into adorable Santa Claus figures on a stick.

At its heart, Banana Santa Skewers celebrate the art of edible crafting, inviting both kids and adults to partake in the joyous process of turning ordinary fruit into charming, edible characters. Each skewer features sliced bananas adorned with red berries or grapes for Santa’s hat, fluffy marshmallows or whipped cream for his beard, and chocolate chips or raisins for his twinkling eyes.

The magic begins with the simplicity of ripe bananas, sliced and threaded onto skewers or sticks. The addition of vibrant red berries or grapes atop the banana slices creates Santa’s iconic hat, instantly bringing these treats to life. Then comes the whimsy—a dollop of fluffy white marshmallows or piped whipped cream serves as Santa’s magnificent beard, adding a delightful texture and a touch of sweetness.

Banana Santa Skewers aren’t just a treat for the taste buds; they’re a symbol of the holiday spirit, embodying the joy, creativity, and merriment of the festive season in a playful and delicious form.


– 1 large marshmallow
– 4 mini marshmallows
– 4 large strawberries
– 2 bananas (halved crosswise)
– 8 chocolate pieces
– 4 red candy-coated milk chocolate candies (like M&M’s®)
– 4 skewers


1. Slice the large marshmallow horizontally into 4 pieces. Remove the strawberry stems and flatten the cut side.
2. Assemble the skewers in the following order: 1 mini marshmallow, 1 strawberry (pointed end first), 1 mini marshmallow, and then a half of a banana slice.
3. Insert two chocolate pieces into the banana to create eyes and use a piece of red candy-coated chocolate for the nose.

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