French Onion Patty Melt

The French Onion Patty Melt is a mouthwatering twist on the classic patty melt, elevating it with the rich and savory flavors of French onion soup. This hearty sandwich features a seasoned beef patty, caramelized onions, melted Swiss cheese, and slices of buttery toasted rye bread, creating a comforting and indulgent meal.

To craft this delectable patty melt, gather the essential ingredients. Ground beef is seasoned and shaped into patties, while onions are slowly caramelized to bring out their natural sweetness. Swiss cheese, known for its creamy texture and nutty flavor, adds a melty richness to the sandwich. Rye bread, with its robust flavor, serves as the perfect base for this flavorful creation.

The preparation process begins by shaping the seasoned ground beef into patties and cooking them to your preferred level of doneness. Simultaneously, the onions are sautéed until golden brown and caramelized, enhancing their sweetness. Once the patties are cooked, they are layered with the caramelized onions and Swiss cheese. The assembly is then sandwiched between slices of rye bread, creating a delightful stack.

The sandwich is grilled or pan-fried until the bread is golden brown and the cheese has melted into a gooey perfection, infusing the patty with savory flavors. The French Onion Patty Melt is then sliced and served hot, offering a satisfying combination of savory beef, sweet caramelized onions, and melty Swiss cheese, all enveloped in the buttery crunch of toasted rye bread.


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